Physical Therapy


With an extensive background in Physical Therapy I have experience treating chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, balance challenges, pelvic floor weakness and neurological conditions such as hemiplegia and Parkinsons’s Disease. Having recently completed the LSVT BIG certification I am excited to offer this intensive intervention to the Parkinson’s community. For more on LSVT BIG visit LSVT Global at

In terms of general orthopedics, Everybody Moves is strongly influenced by the work of Dr. Shirley Sahrmann and the Movement Systems Impairment paradigm. This system focuses on understanding pain, stiffness and weakness within a movement and alignment context, associating one area of dysfunction to its adjacent areas and specifically naming the dysfunction. You can find out more on this approach at this link.

In addition, I have years of experience working with people suffering with chronic pain. My knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method® has proven invaluable in this arena.