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Now offering LSVT BIG private sessions for Parkinson's Disease.

Not heard of LSVT BIG? Watch this before and after video:

LSVT BIG is a movement based treatment to address hypokinesia (small movement) and bradykinesia (slow movement) often associated with Parkinson's Disease. Learn more about LSVT BIG at this link.

Mat Class 2017

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM)
Wednesdays 2:45pm - 3:45pm, ongoing

Keep moving, keep improving! Engage your mind and body to discover movement patterns you may not have tried in decades. This class is for both beginning and experienced students. Floor mats will be provided.

All classes offered at the Senior Center in Sebastopol.


Everybody Moves is a private Physical Therapy practice in West Sonoma County, CA. It is focused on neuroplasticity and learning in human movement. Recognizing old habits of behavior and finding more adaptive responses is fundamental to improvement. Whether the issue is the strengthening and conditioning, movement disorders of Parkinson’s Disease, chronic pain, inadequate balance or painful orthopedic injury, Everybody Moves aims to create a safe, skillful environment for promoting clear, efficient and satisfying movement.